AXA Chairs Grant – EOI Applications Now Open

Funding, Prizes and Awards – 27 September 2022

AXA Chairs Grant – EOI Applications Now Open

Deadline for submission of EOI to Faculty: 12:00pm, Thursday 29 September 2022

The AXA Chair is the premium funding scheme of the AXA Research Fund. It aims at:

  • Creating a dedicated full-time senior academic position in an institution.
  • Supporting a significant acceleration in the development of a research field.
  • Fostering a step-change in the career of the appointed AXA Professor.

The AXA Research Fund supports academic projects that contribute to better understanding global risks, in particular in the areas of:

  • Health
  • Climate and Environment
  • Socioeconomics

An AXA Chair will be:

  • Awarded for a period of 5 years.
  • Funded up to 200,000 euros per year for 5 years maximum.
  • The prospective Chairholder is expected to be PhD +10 years minimum.

Please note: At equal level of excellence and transformational potential, preference will be given to institutions hiring a Chairholder from another Institution. AXA Chairs are not intended to substitute for an internal promotion.

For more details about the opportunity, please refer to the call page and the guidelines.

Standards for Evaluation
Applications will be assessed against the evaluation criteria below:

  • Potential to transform the considered research field.
  • Feasibility of the Research Program.
  • Chair outreach and engagement activities.
  • Chairholder profile criteria.

Internal EOI Process
Monash University may only submit one application for this scheme.

  • There will be a cross-faculty review process to select the applicant invited to proceed to submit their EOI to AXA.
  • For applicants: Please complete the attached Expression of Interest form and your CV (max 3 pages + inclusion of a link to an online detailed CV) and email these documents to your Faculty by no later than 12:00pm (AEST) on Thursday 29 September 2022.
  • An application in Pure is not required for the EOI. Only the selected application through the internal EOI process will need a corresponding Pure record.

Invitation to submit EOI to AXA

  • Upon conclusion of the cross-faculty review process for the EOI, the successful shortlisted applicant will be notified of their submission outcome by the Monash Research Office (MRO) on or shortly after Thursday 6 October 2022.
  • The selected applicant will be invited to apply to the AXA Research Fund.
  • The selected applicant must ensure that they follow the funder’s requirements for submission (such as character limit) as the MRO will not be able to provide a comprehensive compliance check due to a tight timeline.
  • The selected applicant will need to create a Pure record and inform the MRO by sending it to Pre-Approval for a compliance check by 12PM Monday, 10 October 2022.
  • The funder’s submission deadline is Thursday 13 October 2022.

If you have any further questions, please contact the MRO Applications Team (

ARC Early Career Industry Fellowships (IE23) – Now Open

Funding, Prizes and Awards – 27 September 2022

ARC Early Career Industry Fellowships (IE23) – Now Open

Key Dates

Please check these dates, as there may have been some changes since the MRO’s initial dissemination email and the ARC has released new information. It is important to meet all MRO internal deadlines, as there are a number of ARC schemes closing in quick succession this year and MRO capacity is limited.

  • Applications due to MRO in PURE for Eligibility and Compliance Check: Midday, Thursday 13 October 2022
    • (All sections in RMS should be green, the Project Description can still be edited beyond this date)
  • Request Not to Assess Due: Midday, Thursday 20 October 2022
  • Applications due to MRO: ‘Submitted to Research Office’ in RMS: Monday 31 October 2022
    • (Ready to Submit to ARC in RMS, Internal approval received in PURE)
  • Applications close in RMS: Thursday 03 November 2022
  • It is anticipated that outcomes for this scheme will be announced in April/May 2023

The Early Career Industry Fellowship scheme aims to develop the industry collaboration skills of early career researchers, and support early career researchers to achieve translatable and/or commercialisable outcomes.

The Grant Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants, Sample Form and other supporting documents for this scheme can be found on GrantConnect (GO5756).

The Early Career Industry Fellowship scheme comprises of funding for:

  • up to 50 Early Career Industry Fellowships may be awarded funding in a grant opportunity
  • the Early Career Industry Fellow will receive a contribution to salary and salary related (on-costs of $109,079 per year) for 1–3 consecutive years on a full-time basis
  • project costs not exceeding $150,000 may be requested over the duration of the grant
  • the grant may be converted to a part-time basis for funded applications, not exceeding 6 consecutive years (excluding any approved periods of suspension).

NB: Medical research is not eligible for support under the Industry Fellowships Program, please carefully consider the eligibility of your proposed project under the ARC Medical Research Policy to determine if your project could be fundable.

NHMRC’s revised Open Access Policy

27 September 2022

Under NHMRC’s revised Open Access Policy, all peer-reviewed publications arising from NHMRC-funded research must be made available immediately upon publication, removing the 12-month embargo period. They must also be published with the use of an open licence, which means publications can be used and shared widely.

These requirements apply to all new grants awarded under NHMRC Grant Opportunity Guidelines issued from 20 September 2022, and will be phased in for all other NHMRC grants, with full implementation by 1 January 2024.

NHMRC CEO Professor Anne Kelso AO said that making publicly-funded research available as soon as possible supports knowledge sharing and rapid innovation. It also advances human health in Australia and globally, as witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“NHMRC supports open access because it helps to ensure the highest impact of the research we fund,” Professor Kelso said.

NHMRC’s revised policy is in line with the growing international shift towards open access publishing, including the recent announcement by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy that all United States (US) funding agencies are required to adopt open access publishing policies without embargos by 31 December 2025.

Unlike other open access policies internationally, NHMRC’s revised Open Access Policy requires consideration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander intellectual and cultural rights. A more restrictive licence is allowed as appropriate for publications about research involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

The revisions to NHMRC’s Open Access Policy are based on extensive consultation with the Australian research sector and advice from NHMRC’s expert committees.

Other international funding bodies that have announced or adopted immediate open access publishing policies include the UK Research and Innovation, UK National Institute for Health and Care Research, the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

As part of its commitment to open access, NHMRC has also joined cOAlition S, an international consortium of research funders that support open access, where all research results are made openly available to the scientific community.

Read more in NHMRC’s Open Access Policy.

Scopus Researcher Awards (ANZ) 2022 – Apply Now

Funding, Prizes and Awards – 27 September 2022

Scopus Researcher Awards (ANZ) 2022 – Apply Now

Entries closed on Friday 21 October 2022 at 23.59 AEDT

Calling all researchers from Australian and New Zealand academic establishments or government-funded research institutes, applications are now open in the following categories:

• Excellence in Research Impacting a Sustainable Future
• Excellence in Women in Research Award
• Excellence in Outstanding Early-Career Research

The ANZ Scopus Researcher Awards recognise outstanding researchers, whose outputs draw on a broad spectrum of skills and research disciplines to make significant contributions to research for the benefit of humanity. All of our categories honor the principles of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and Research Integrity.

Could you be this year’s award winner?

For each of the awards categories, we aim to recognise researchers who:

  • Show both a strong presence in the international publication and citation data, as well as present an inspiring personal story. As in international best practice in research assessment, a researcher cannot compensate for a weak presence in the data by their personal story alone, or for a weak personal story by a few highly cited publications.
  • Reflect the values of equality, diversity and inclusion in their work and ethos, and who champion the removal of barriers to true equality where they may be found.
  • Champion research that is conducted with integrity, and who embody this goal across their professional conduct, for instance in terms of rigor, transparency, communication, and/or in involvement of participants.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants should be researchers from Australian and New Zealand academic establishments or government-funded research institutes. Researchers from industry are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. The award is not open to visiting researchers.
  • The award is open to individuals only.
  • Activity considered for this award must have been undertaken no more than ten (10) years prior to the closing date of entries on 21st October 2022.
  • Only applicable to Excellence in Outstanding Early Career Researcher Award: Applicant is an early-career researcher whose first paper in Scopus is not older than 1st January 2013.
  • Applicant must have a Scopus Author Profile ID* and must also have validated its accuracy.
    * Scopus Profile Update: Applicants should consider updating or correcting their Scopus profile before submitting an application. Please refer to ‘Guide to Validating your Scopus Author Profile.’.

Further information is available here.

Apply Now

Australian Laureate Fellowships (FL23) – Now Open

Funding, Prizes and Awards – 20 September 2022

Australian Laureate Fellowships (FL23) – Now Open

Key Dates

  • Deadline for MRO Eligibility and Compliance Check (Submit in PURE System): Wednesday 12 October 2022
  • Request not to Assess (RNTA) (Submit to MRO by Midday, to meet ARC deadline): Wednesday 26 October 2022
  • ADR Approved Strategic Statements due to MRO: Wednesday 26 October 2022
  • Deadline for ‘Submit to Research Office’ in RMS: Friday 4 November 2022
  • ARC Deadline: Wednesday 9 November 2022
  • Rejoinder Period: 1 February 2023 to 14 February 2023

The Australian Laureate Fellowships (including the Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellowship) scheme encourages applications from the highest-quality researchers by providing eligible Australian Laureate Fellows with project funding in addition to a salary component and salary-related (on-cost) support.

The Grant Guidelines, Instructions to Applicants and other supporting documents for this scheme can be found at GrantConnect (GO5745).

Further information regarding the Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellowships can be found on the ARC website.

Important Notes

The ARC understands that it is a challenging time for researchers and research administrators preparing grant applications. To assist researchers planning applications for upcoming ARC National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP) grant opportunities, the ARC has published pre-award guidance on the ARC website, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that relate to impacts of COVID-19.

If you are considering a Laureate Fellowship application, and have not contacted the MRO’s Research Development team, please do so via and initiate your application in RMS as soon as possible so they may assist you (please note the key dates below).

Further Information

Information is available on the MRO intranet, including our Guide to entering Research Outputs into RMS, and the following documents are attached:

FL23 Frequently Asked Questions
FL23 Instructions to Applicants
Laureate Fellowship Guidance Pack

Please contact if you have any queries regarding this funding opportunity.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation – Innovation Grants Round – Closing Soon

Funding, Prizes and Awards – 13 September 2022

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation – Innovation Grants Round – Closing Soon

Deadline for EOI to be submitted to funder: Friday 23 September 2022
Deadline for Full Application to be submitted to funder: Thursday 29 September 2022

The Innovation Grants round supports new ideas – large and small – that address the social and environmental priorities of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

This grant round will be the first under the Foundation’s 2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan, which features revised Outcomes within the Impact Areas.

Eligible Australian organisations, whose projects or initiatives align with one or more Outcomes of the following Impact Areas:

Inclusive, Sustainable Economy & Jobs
Healthy & Climate Resilient Communities
Homelessness & Affordable Housing

are encouraged to read the Innovation Grants guidelines and submit an Innovation Grant enquiry (Expression of Interest) via the Foundation’s online Grants Enquiry Form.

Answers to the following questions on the Grant Enquiry application are as follows –

  • Organisation ABN: 12 377 614 012 
  • Do you have TCC status: Yes
  • Do you have DGR1 status: Yes

Once submitted, one of the Foundation’s Program Managers will be in contact.

If you are invited to submit a Full Application, please advise the Faculty Research Office ( and create an application record in Pure.


Seed Innovation Grants

  • Up to $50,000 for one year.
  • These grants support the researching, testing or piloting of a new idea or approach – including early stage eligible social enterprises – that aligns with at least one of our Impact Area Outcomes. Projects involving networks or partnerships are encouraged.

Scaling-up Innovation Grants

  • Up to $300,000 for two years. (Maximum of $150,000 per year).
  • These grants support the expansion or replication of a proven innovation with the potential to be transformative on a broader community or systems level. This could include support for an eligible social enterprise to scale-up. Collaborative approaches are encouraged. This work must align with at least one of our Impact Area Outcomes.

Please contact the MRO Applications Team with any questions (