CSL Collaboration and Partnering Opportunities – Call for Submissions

Funding and opportunities – 22 September 2020

CSL Collaboration and Partnering Opportunities – Call for Submissions

Submission deadline: Saturday 10 October 2020

CSL is seeking academic collaborators and partnering opportunities in the following areas:

Submission Information
Non‑confidential one‑page research summaries are encouraged, plus any relevant non‑confidential supporting documents.

Submission Deadline: Please submit a one-pager to Celine Latouche (celine.latouche@monash.edu) by 10 October 2020 for compliance check by the Business Development Team and Monash Innovation. Also feel free to discuss your project and seek support to draft this one-pager at any time before the internal deadline.

New Funding Opportunity: Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D

Funding and opportunities – 22 September 2020

New Funding Opportunity: Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D

Completed EOI form (and attached resume) due to MRO: Wednesday 30 September 2020
Approximate expected outcome of the EOI: Thursday 8 October 2020
(09:00 Honolulu Standard Time) Applications close: Thursday 15 October 2020

The Johnson & Johnson Scholars Program aims to fuel the development of female STEM2D leaders and feed the STEM2D talent pipeline by awarding and sponsoring women at critical points in their research careers, in each of the STEM2D disciplines:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Manufacturing
  • Design

The awards will fund one woman per discipline (worldwide) who has completed her advanced degree, who is working as a Senior Lecturer or Lecturer (or other appointment that could be equivalent to “Assistant Professor” in the USA) and who is not yet tenured at an accredited university or design institution. Adjunct staff are not eligible. The Award is for $150,000 USD over three years.

For more details about the opportunity, please see the call page and FAQs.

Internal Monash EOI

Monash may only submit one application per each of the six categories. Therefore, the MRO is calling for expressions of interest (EOIs) in advance, to determine the lead applicant in each category. Interested researchers should complete the attached form and return it by email to mhs@monash.edu (with attached resume) on or before Wednesday 30 September 2020. No letters are required for the EOI. An application in Pure is also not required for the EOI.

After the EOI concludes, successful shortlisted applicants will be invited to apply to Johnson & Johnson. A letter of recommendation from the relevant Head of Department/School will be required at that stage.

If you have any questions, please contact mhs@monash.edu.

Monash University – Baker Institute Seed Funding for Collaborations in Cardiovascular Research

Funding and opportunities – 22 September 2020

Monash University – Baker Institute Seed Funding for Collaborations in Cardiovascular Research

EOI submission due: Monday 28 September 2020

Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (MNHS) and the Baker Institute are jointly funding a seed grant scheme, to further enhance collaborative cardiovascular research. Researchers are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for funding up to $100,000 for collaborative projects.

Projects that aim to bring together basic research and clinical expertise will be favoured. New collaborations between Monash and the Baker Institute are encouraged but existing collaborations will also be considered.

The opportunity is open to all Baker Institute and MNHS staff (with at least a 0.4 FTE appointment) and applications must include at least one investigator from each institution.

EOI submissions are due on 28 September 2020, with selected applicants invited to submit a full proposal by 13 November 2020. Successful applicants will be announced in December for projects to commence in January 2021.

To submit an EOI, please complete the form available here.

Questions should be directed to the MNHS Faculty Research Office (medicine.research@monash.edu) in the first instance.

A Call for Collaborative Medicinal Chemistry Projects 2020-2021

Funding and opportunities – 22 September 2020

A Call for Collaborative Medicinal Chemistry Projects 2020-2021

Expressions of interest (EOI) due: Saturday 31 October 2020

The Australian Translational Medicinal Chemistry Facility (ATMCF) provides Australian researchers with an opportunity to:

  • access subsidised medicinal chemistry
  • access the Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) Pipeline Accelerator for further cost reductions
  • work with a team of medicinal chemists who have a proven track record in drug discovery and commercialisation outcomes

The ATMCF is a national drug discovery capability that applies medicinal chemistry expertise to translate biomedical research towards clinical relevance. Facilitated by Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA), and based at The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), Parkville, the ATMCF collaborates with researchers to identify and synthesize bioactive compounds (small molecules) which are optimized through medicinal chemistry against a range of potency, selectivity and pharmacokinetic criteria.

Do you require assistance in finding the right biologically active compound for your target or disease of interest? Not sure that you have adequate funding for a medicinal chemistry project? Talk to the ATMCF. They will work with you, and our partners, to discuss shared risk options and/or other funding opportunities for cost leveraging on your project.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) due on 31 October 2020. A short EOI template is available upon request.

Contact: leanne.hawkey@monash.edu


ARC – Australian Laureate Fellowships (FL21) Now Open

Funding and opportunities – 15 September 2020

ARC – Australian Laureate Fellowships (FL21) Now Open

RNTA due to MRO: Wednesday 14 October 2020
ADR Approved Strategic Statements Due to MRO: Wednesday 21 October 2020
ARC Deadline: Wednesday 4 November 2020
Anticipated Rejoinder Period: 10 February – 23 February 2021

Funder: Australian Research Council (ARC)

Funding Opportunity: ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship

The Australian Laureate Fellowships (including Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellowship) scheme encourages applications from the highest-quality researchers by providing eligible Australian Laureate Fellows with project funding in addition to a salary supplement and salary-related (on-cost) support.

Important Notes

  • To assist researchers in planning applications for upcoming ARC grant opportunities, the ARC has published pre-award guidance on the ARC website, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that relate to the impacts of COVID-19.
  • Following the updated ARC Conflict of Interest and Confidential Policy, there are some new mandatory questions which must be completed via the Personal Details tab of each RMS user profile.
  • Key change to FL21 ITA: D1- Project description includes an additional sub-section “Project Aims and Background”.

If you are considering to apply for these schemes and have not yet contacted the MRO’s Research Development team, please do so as soon as possible via mro.researchdevelopment@monash.edu.

Please find attached:

All these are are also available via the MRO intranet, including our Guide to entering Research Outputs into RMS.

Further information about the FL, including sample application forms, can be found at Grant Connect (GO4347).

Please contact us at mro-applications@monash.edu if you have any queries about this funding opportunity.

Changes to MRO’s Medical & Health Sciences (MHS) Team Services

Funding and opportunities – 15 September 2020

Changes to MRO’s Medical & Health Sciences (MHS) Team Services

In light of challenging current circumstances, budgetary constraints and an inability to recruit to backfill vacant positions within the Medical & Health Sciences (MHS) Team at the MRO, they have had to reconsider how best to provide the most meaningful service offering to researchers and faculties, with the resources they currently have.

Please refer to the message below for further details.

For questions, please contact Tania Genge, Manager, MHS Team (tania.genge@monash.edu).

Compliance & Eligibility Checking During NHMRC Major Rounds

Monash University submits hundreds of applications collectively across the Investigator, Ideas, Synergy and Clinical Trials & Cohort Studies (CTCS) schemes annually.

In past years we have recruited a group of casual staff to assist us with compliance & eligibility checking, certifying and submitting such a large volume of applications. Unfortunately this will not be possible for the remainder of 2020, nor for the foreseeable future.

As such, we will no longer be able to facilitate full compliance checks of applications to these schemes. Instead, we will be providing ‘final checks only’ of all applications 2 weeks out from the funder deadline (ahead of certification and submission). A final check will ensure that there are no major eligibility issues, but will not provide a comprehensive look over the application in detail.

This change will ensure that researchers are able to maximise writing time ahead of the deadline, and also afford our team the capacity to answer the many compliance and eligibility questions in the lead up to submission.

Scheme Reference Materials

Over the next couple of weeks our team will be creating and making available, reference materials for our researchers for the upcoming CTCS round (funder deadline 25 November 2020).

These materials will provide a summary of the scheme, and a checklist of the all the key eligibility and compliance aspects researchers will need to be mindful of whilst preparing their applications for this opportunity.

Our team intend to provide these reference documents for all NHMRC major round opportunities going forward, and will of course, be available via phone or email for any questions along the way.

MRO Compliance Deadline (still 2 weeks for non-major round NHMRC schemes, and non-NHMRC schemes)

For all non-major round NHMRC schemes and non-NHMRC schemes, our internal deadline for a compliance and eligibility review will continue to be 2 weeks ahead of the funder deadline.

Applications that meet our MRO internal deadline will be guaranteed a full eligibility and compliance check of their application.

Applications that come to our team after our internal deadline (that is, within 2 weeks of the funder deadline) will receive a compliance and eligibility check only if team capacity allows. We will continue to encourage researchers to meet our MRO compliance deadline for these schemes to reduce the risk of an application being ruled ineligible.

US Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) Applications & Awards moving to our AGC Team

In order to deliver our new service model without any additional staff, the MHS Team will no longer be providing eligibility and compliance support for Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) Applications and Awards.

From 1 October 2020 these funders will be handled by MRO’s AGC team until further notice.

Assistance from the AGC team can be reached at the following addresses: mro-applications@monash.edu (for Applications) and mro-awards@monash.edu (for Awards).

Should you have any questions or queries regarding any of the above, please contact us.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,
The MHS Team

Summary of Key Changes

NHMRC Major Round Schemes:

Investigators, Ideas, Synergy, and Clinical Trials & Cohort Studies

  • No full eligibility & compliance checks of applications. All applications will receive a ‘final check’ only prior to certification and submission to NHMRC
  • MRO compliance deadline for a ‘final check’ of applications will be 2 weeks from Funder Deadline
  • Scheme reference materials will be provided to researchers including a checklist of key eligibility & compliance criteria to assist with application preparation
  • MHS Team available for scheme questions and queries in the lead up to application submission to funder

Non-Major round NHMRC schemes, and non-NHMRC schemes

  • Full eligibility & compliance review guaranteed of all applications if received by MRO compliance deadline (i.e., 2 weeks from the funder deadline)
  • Applications received after the MRO compliance deadline (within 2 weeks of the funder deadline) will receive a compliance and eligibility review only if team capacity allows

US Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) Applications & Awards

  • All DoD and NIH Applications and Awards will be managed by the AGC team from 1 October 2020. Please contact mro-applications@monash.edu and / or mro-awards@monash.edu for assistance with these funders