Funding and opportunities – August 30, 2016

Proposals for Neutron Scattering and Deuteration at the OPAL Reactor – deadline September 15, 2016

The deadline for Proposals to access the OPAL Neutron Beam Facility (both cold- and thermal-neutron instruments) and National Deuteration Facility at ANSTO is 15 September 2016, for beam time between January and June 2017.

Proposals must be submitted using the on-line system, – Deadline: 15 September 2016.

  • For single visit proposals for neutron and X-ray instruments, select round “2017-1 Neutron”
  • For 3-year program proposals for neutron instruments, select “2017-1 Neutron Program”
  • For National Deuteration Facility proposals, select round “2017-1 Deuteration”

ANSTO is open for proposals for the following neutron-beam instruments and facilities:

ECHIDNA (high-resolution powder diffractometer)

WOMBAT (high-intensity powder diffractometer)

KOALA (Laue diffractometer)

KOWARI (strain scanner)

DINGO (neutron radiography/tomography/imaging)

PLATYPUS (reflectometer)

QUOKKA (pinhole small-angle-neutron scattering)

BILBY (TOF small-angle-neutron scattering)

KOOKABURRA (ultra-small-angle neutron scattering)

TAIPAN (thermal-neutron 3-axis spectrometer)

SIKA (cold-neutron 3-axis spectrometer)

PELICAN (cold-neutron time-of-flight spectrometer)

EMU (high-resolution backscattering spectrometer)
Biological and Chemical Deuteration (at the National Deuteration Facility – NDF)


Small-angle X-ray scattering and X-ray reflectometry (in conjunction with QUOKKA or PLATYPUS)

Physical Properties Measurement System (only in collaborative mode with ANSTO staff)


Proposals to access all other ANSTO Platforms and Capabilities must be submitted using the ANSTO Research Portal, with a deadline of 30 September 2016. Further information relating to these other Capabilities will be announced shortly.

Please direct enquiries via email to the ANSTO User Office

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