Funding and opportunities – August 30, 2016

CASS Foundation – Changes to submission process

MRO are experiencing technical difficulties in retrieving information entered to the CASS Foundation portal.

In order that MRO could review your application kindly follow the steps below to create a PDF version of your application:

  1. Complete your application in the CASS Foundation portal.
  2. Once completed, click on ‘Printer Friendly Version’:
  3. Right mouse click on the printer friendly version and select ‘Print’.Inline images 2
  4. Click on ‘Change’ destination.
    Inline images 3
  5. Save as PDF document.
    Inline images 4
  6. Your application will need to be entered into Pure Application for MRO compliance check.
  7. Attach the PDF version of the CASS portal Application to your Pure Application in Pure
  8. Once you receive feedback from the MRO, please amend your application in the CASS portal and upload a PDF copy of your amended application in Pure.
  9. MRO will now send the Pure Application to the Department and Faculty respectively, for approval.
  10. Once these approvals have been received please submit your application to CASS Foundation.
  11. When you receive acknowledgement of your submission from CASS kindly forward this acknowledgement to the MRO Research Grants


contact the MRO Research Grants & Ethics team for further assistance (